We've added the finest pure essential oils to our original award-winning cold-pressed rapeseed oil to produce some deliciously flavoured oils.

Our chilli oil has just the right amount of heat and is ideal for marinades, stir-fries and for drizzling on pizzas.

The lemon oil is fresh and zingy. Try it with fish or salads.

Our garlic oil is great for marinades, grilled meat or fish. Or simply use it in place of fresh garlic when you're in a hurry. NB our garlic oil won a Great Taste Award gold star in the 2015 awards.

The fragrant basil oil is delicious with salads, grilled chicken and fish. Try adding it to pasta dishes and risotto or to roasted vegetables.

All the flavoured oils have the same fantastic properties as our original oil. They are healthy - high in omega oils and vitamin E, and low in saturated fats - and have a high smoke point so they're extremely versatile in the kitchen.


Available from selected stores and online.