About the manufacturing process

We carefully select our highest quality seed for cold-pressing. The oil is pressed out of the seeds at temperatures below 40ºC and after it has settled it is filtered only once before bottling, resulting in a pure product on a par with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil contains around half the saturated fats of olive oil and is naturally rich in omegas 3, 6 & 9 and anti-oxidants. Due to the gentle crushing process, these are retained.

The sediment left over from the pressing process is not wasted; it is used to feed cattle.

About the product

Each batch of oil is labelled with the name of the field where the seed was grown and its OS grid reference number so you can find out exactly where your oil has come from.

Batch: 001
Field: Ravensburgh
Grid ref: TL 094 296

Our cold-pressed rapeseed oil is currently available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles and a 5 litre catering sized plastic container.

Available to purchase at selected stockists or online.

About the taste

Our oil was the recipient of a highly coveted Great Taste Awards gold star in 2014 and TWO gold stars in 2015.

The judges' comments were:

Golden viscous yellow oil. Nice grassy notes and a good freshness. No bitter aftertaste. Would make a good all round oil.

Beautiful oil. Nutty - almost almondy. An excellent all-round oil, clean and refreshing.

Very smooth, mild oil with a good nutty flavour and rich golden colour.

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We have also been thrilled with feedback from chefs, deli-owners and foodies. Here are just a few comments we have received:

“Absolutely delicious! Clean, slightly nutty and full of flavour."

"Typical rapeseed oil flavour but with a slightly sweeter more rounded flavour"

“Loving your beautiful golden oil for my dressings right now. Tres chic bottle too!”

"Top quality"

"The double cream of oil"

“Mrs Middleton Oil is a gem. The flavour is round, the edge is nutty but mellow. Versatile personality.”

"Dressings, mayo and cooking: top marks across the board"


“We love it. Very nice.”

"Good quality, nutty, floral and smooth."